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Medina Girls Softball Association 

UPDATED: 4/20/2024


The MGSA stands for healthy competition, fair play, good sportsmanship, respect for players, coaches, and parents, learning and improvement. The MGSA promotes the idea that the emotional and physical well-being of the players are more important than winning a game. We want our volunteer coaches to treat each player fairly but also as an individual. We promote player safety as paramount both during practice and games.


Coaches, Players, their families and guests will support all players, coaches, and umpires. The plate umpire’s decision is final and binding. Physical or verbal abuse and/or profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. Verbal abuse includes repeated and consistent questioning of umpire calls. Appropriate action will be taken by the umpire, coach, or a board member up to, and including, forfeiture of the game or ejection of the offending person(s). If a parent or coach is ejected from a game, their child is also ejected.  If a coach is ejected, they will also be suspended for their next game.  (Their child will be allowed to play in the next game).  If a coach is ejected twice within one season, they will be suspended from coaching for the remainder of the season.

Coaches are strongly encouraged to take an active role in maintaining order during games. This includes their players, assistant coaches, and spectators. Questions and rule clarifications may be asked of umpires in a civil manner, during a time out or between innings, by uniformed coaches only. Parents will direct their questions and concerns to their coaches for action. Coaches are encouraged to bring to the attention of the Board any issues they may have with game officials promptly for our review and/or action.

Team Assignments

T-Ball and Division 1 players will be selected for teams via an automated draft. Divisions 2, 3 and 4 will be selected via a blind draft by the coaches.   Team requests will not be accepted. 

Game Schedules & Field assignments

All Recreation League games and field assignments will be determined by the scheduler appointed by the Board of Directors. All games will be played as scheduled unless canceled due to weather or field conditions by a designated representative of the Board, or the Umpire once the game has started.

Home and Away Teams will be determined by the League Scheduler.




MGSA will try to play as many games as possible, but will suspend or cancel games whenever we feel player safety is compromised. Once a determination has been made that conditions are unsuitable for play, we inform the coaches who will inform their teams. Once play begins the determination of unsafe playing conditions is at the discretion of a league official or the Umpire.  At any time you feel the weather is unsafe for your child to continue to play, you may remove your child from the game without penalty to the player or team.  The league will monitor weather conditions at the field using our lightning detector and mobile weather radar to ensure the safety of our players and families.

LIGHTNING/thunder– if either lightning or thunder is in the vicinity play will be suspended immediately and players will proceed to the nearest shelter. Our dugouts are properly grounded for player safety. At least 30 minutes without lightning in the vicinity must pass before play can resume. This is in the judgment of a league official, umpire or coaches participating in the game.

If for any reason you disagree with the judgment of a league official, umpire or coach regarding weather conditions, you have the right and responsibility to remove your child from the field of play without penalty to your child or her team.


Division is determined by age.

T-ball. 3-5 years old.

Division 1: 6-7 years old  (Coach Pitch)

Division 2: 8-10 years old (Girl and Coach Pitch)

Bee Devil Junior: 11-13 years old

Bee Devil Senior: 14-18 years old.


T-Ball: 9” Sof-Tee balls will be used. 

Division 1 + 2: Eleven (11) inch balls will be used.

Bee Devils: Twelve (12) inch balls will be used.


No jewelry or hard plastic headbands. If ears were pierced and earrings cannot be taken out, they must be completely covered with a band-aid or tape. 

Metal cleats are NOT permitted at any age level in the Recreation League. 

Batting helmets will have league approved face masks. Chin straps are not required. Offensive players may not remove their helmets until they are off the playing field.

Bats shall be marked OFFICIAL SOFTBALL, USSSA,  or ASA if they are over 30 inches long.

Throwing the bat is not allowed. 1st time– warning. 2nd time– player is out. 3rd time– ejected.

Catchers must wear a complete set of catcher’s equipment while on the field of play. This includes shin guards, chest protector, and helmet.

Fielder’s masks are required for infielders in Divisions 2, and Bee Devils.  Fielder’s masks are recommended for outfielders, but not required by rule.


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