UPDATED: 6/2/2022

MGSA & B.Y.S. Rules For D3 /4 Rec Fast Pitch 2022



Home team supplies the official scorekeeper and occupies the first base side.  The Visiting team will supply an operator for the electronic scoreboard (when applicable) and occupy the third base side.

  1. Home team supplies 2 brand new 12 inch balls.


  2. Fielders masks will be required to be worn by any and all players in an infield position.  

  1. Home team is responsible for paying the umpire fees.

  1. A minimum of 7 players are required to start/finish a game. A 10 minute grace period will be allowed in case a team is short a player (6 or less) or a manager. Time limits are still in effect as the original scheduled game start time, not the 10 minute grace period start time. The 10 minute grace period only applies to the first game of the evening. The late game will start on time with no grace period. 

  1. There are 9 fielders. Maximum number of infielders is 6.

  1. Games will consist of 6 innings. Four innings will constitute a complete game.

  1. All games will be at least 80 minutes in length.  Once 80 minutes is reached no new inning will be started. (Games held in Medina may be 2 hours in length in agreed upon at the pregame meeting)

  1. There are to be no balls allowed in the infield or outfield between innings.  New pitchers will be allowed 5 warmup pitches.  Returning pitchers will be allowed 3 warmup pitches.


  1. ALL PLAYERS ARE IN THE BATTING ORDER WHETHER THEY ARE IN THE FIELD OR NOT. All batters bat in a continuous batting order.

  1. Any players that arrive after the start of the game must be added to the bottom of the lineup. Any player not added to the bottom of the lineup will constitute a forfeit.

  1. Maximum 5 runs scored per inning until the last inning is declared.  Mercy rule will apply if any team is up by 15 runs after 4 innings or 12 runs after 5 innings.

  1. Batting


  1. Batter may run on a dropped 3rd strike.  Batters may make an attempt to run to first base when the third strike is dropped by the catcher and first base is unoccupied and there are less than 2 outs.  When there are two outs, the batter may try to take first on a dropped third strike even if the base is occupied.  All runners may advance at their own risk including to home base.

  2. Any batter hit by a pitch will be awarded first base.

  3. All batters and base runners must wear a batting helmet with a face mask. The batting helmet must have two (2) earflaps.

  4. Any ASA or USSSA approved 2 ¼” diameter bats with the 1.20 BPF thumbprint label may be used. Absolutely NO T-ball bats are allowed. 

  5. Bunting allowed

  1. Batting out of turn

    1. A batter shall be called out, on appeal, when the batter fails to bat in the proper turn, and another batter completes a time at bat in her place. 

    2. The proper batter may take her place in the batter’s box at any time before the improper batter becomes a runner or is put out, and any balls and strikes shall be counted in the batter’s time at bat. 

    3. When an improper batter becomes a runner or is put out, and the defensive team appeals to the umpire before the first pitch to the next batter of either team, or before any play or attempted play, the umpire shall:

      1. Declare the proper batter out; and

      2. Nullify any advance or score made because of a ball batter by the improper batter or because the improper batter’s advance to first base on a hit, an error, a base on balls, and a hit batter or otherwise. 

    4. When an improper batter becomes a runner or is put out, and a pitch is made to the next batter of either team before an appeal is made, the improper batter thereby becomes the proper batter, and the results of her time at bat becomes legal. 

    5. When the proper batter is called out because of failing to bat in turn, the next batter in the batting order shall be up to bat.

    6. When an improper batter becomes a proper batter because no appeal is made before the next pitch, the next batter in the batting order shall be up to bat. 

*Note* - The umpire shall not direct the attention of any person to the presence in the batter’s box of an improper batter. This rule is designed to require constant vigilance by the players and managers of both team. (Appeal play)

*Note* - There are two fundamentals to keep in mind: When a player bats out of turn, the proper batter is the player called out. If an improper batter bats and reaches base or is out and no appeal is made before a pitch to the next batter, or before any play or attempted play, that improper batter is considered to have batted in proper turn and establishes the order that is to follow. 



  1. Base Running 

    1. Base distance will be 60 feet.

    2. No leading off.

    3. Stealing of all bases, including home, is permitted. 

      1. Runners can not leave the base until the pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand.  Any batter caught leaving early will be declared out.

      2. Baserunners can advance at their own risk until the pitcher has the ball within the 16ft pitchers circle.

    4. Baserunners may “tag up” on a caught fly ball.

    5. Baserunners may advance multiple bases at their own risk and are not capped at advancing just one base. Once the ball returns to the pitcher in the pitching circle, base runners must comply with the Look Back Rule

  1. Infield fly rule is in effect with runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd with less than 2 outs.

  2. Sliding is permitted. If there is a close play, the runner must avoid initiating contact with the fielder. If the umpire rules the runner initiated contact, the runner will be called out. The umpire’s ruling is final.

  3. Runner is out when running more than 3 feet from the base path.

  4. Runner is out when struck with a fair untouched batted ball while not in contact with base.

  5. Runner is out when she interferes with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball or intentionally interferes with a thrown ball.

  6. The last batter declared out in an inning may pinch run for the catcher when there are two outs.

  7. The Look Back rule will apply.  This rule takes effect when the pitcher has control of the ball within the 16 ft pitchers circle and is not attempting to make a play on the runner.  All runners stopped at a base must remain and any runner not already on a base must immediately advance to the next base or return to the previous base.  Any subsequent change in direction or stop by the runner (as long as the pitcher does not attempt a play) is declared out.  This rule forces runners to choose a base promptly without the “cat and mouse” games that can otherwise occur, slowing up the progression of the game.

  8. A base on balls is treated the same as a batted ball. The batter/runner may continue past 1st base and is entitled to run toward 2nd base as long as she does not stop at 1st base. This is known as the “continuous walk.” If the player rounds first, she must proceed to second base. Otherwise, the runner is out.



  1. Pitching 

    1. The pitching rubber distance will be 40 feet to home plate. 

    2. The pitcher must pitch from the pitching rubber.

    3. The strike zone will be from the knees to the armpits. The ball must be in the strike zone to be called a strike. The strike zone will be called at the umpire’s discretion. 

  1. Balls and strikes will be called by the umpire.

  2. The pitcher must present the ball with her pivot foot on the pitcher’s plate and the non-pivot foot either in contact with or behind the pitcher’s plate. Upon bringing her hands together, she may begin the wind up. She may step either forward or backward with the non-pivot foot while keeping the pivot foot in contact with the plate. The pivot foot must remain in contact with the ground until the ball is released. Leaping or crow hopping off the pitcher’s plate will constitute an illegal pitch.  At all times during the pitching process, she must keep both feet within the width of the pitcher’s plate

  3. Pitchers are required to wear a fielders mask.

  1. Catchers must wear full catching gear (mask, shin guards, and chest protector).

  1. The wearing of jewelry is prohibited. (Exception: Medical alert bracelets and necklaces may be worn. Jewelry of a religious nature may be worn but must be taped down.) The first offense will result in a warning and the player will be allowed to remove the jewelry. The next player caught wearing jewelry will be declared out.

  1. Coaches are responsible for contacting their team for rain outs and make-up games. We recommend that you have them sign up for the SportsPlus app. Which will notify them of rain outs.

  1. ALL UMPIRE DECISIONS ARE FINAL.  There are no protests or appeals.

  1. Winning coach is to email the results to the medinafastpitch@gmail.com within 24 hours.



The MGSA will try to play as many games as possible, but will suspend or cancel games whenever we feel player safety is compromised. Once a determination has been made that conditions are unsuitable for play, we will post it on our website, www.medinafastpitch.com. Once play begins the determination of unsafe playing conditions is at the discretion of a league official or the Umpire.  At anytime you feel the weather is unsafe for your child to continue to play, you may remove your child from the game without penalty to the player or team.  The league will monitor weather conditions at the field using our lightning detector and mobile weather radar to ensure the safety of our players and families.

LIGHTNING/thunder– if either lightning or thunder is in the vicinity play will be suspended immediately and players will proceed to the nearest shelter. MGSA dugouts are properly grounded for player safety. At least 30 minutes without lightning in the vicinity must pass before play can resume. This is in the judgement of a league official or the Umpire.

If for any reason you disagree with the judgment of a league official, umpire or coach regarding weather conditions, you have the right and responsibility to remove your child from the field of play without penalty to your child or her team.






All rule changes will be posted to this site.


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